Rajgir Zoo Safari, Ticket Booking, Timings, How to Reach

Do you want to visit Rajgir Wildlife Zoo Safari? Know how to reach Rajgir Zoo Wildlife Safari, timings, online ticket booking, things to do and more

Rajgir Zoo Safari is a modern type of zoo in Rajgir, Bihar. In this, you are taken in a car and taken around the whole zoo. Where you can see animals roaming in the open. More than ten thousand people visit here daily for its adventurous safaris.

If you also want to go on an adventurous ride to Rajgir Zoo Safari, then you should know some important things. How to reach here? It is very important to know the ticket booking, timing and when should to reach. Also, you will get a complete guide to Rajgir Zoo Safari here.

Peak Season: January
Off-Season: June
Famous for: Wildlife Safari
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Price: ₹250
Duration: 3 Hours

Rajgir Zoo Safari

Rajgir Zoo Safari is situated between two mountains Ratnagiri and Swarnagiri hills located in the Rajgir of Nalanda district of Bihar. Rajgir Zoo Safari is a high-level National Park. Such national parks are only in Bihar, India. Rajgir  Zoo Safari is spread over an area of 480 acres. It cost Rs 176 crore rupees to build it.

The construction of Rajgir Zoo Safari was started in 2016. Which was completed in February 2022, and was opened to tourists. It was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar on 16 February 2022.

Rajgir Zoo Safari
Rajgir Zoo Safari Entry Gate

At present, 7 lions, 2 tigers, 2 bears, 2 leopards and 200+ species of deer will be seen here. In the future, more animals will be brought to it. The total time taken for the safari is one and a half hours. You will not be allowed to exit the bus during the safari.

Rajgir Zoo Safari is divided into five parts. This is the first part of is deer safari in which you will be able to see deer of many species. The second part is Bear Safari, in which you will see bears. The third part is Leopard Safari, in this, you will be able to see leopards.

The fourth part is the tiger safari, in this, you will get to see tigers. And the fifth part is the lion safari, in this, you will get to see lions. All these animals roam freely in the open. Apart from this, there are many more places to visit here.

180 Degree 3D Cinema in Rajgir Zoo Safari
180 Degree 3D Cinema in Rajgir Zoo Safari

180 Degree 3D Cinema, Rajgir Zoo Safari

You will also get to see a 180-degree 3D cinema theatre at Rajgir Zoo Safari. In this cinema, you will be shown interesting information about the animals and related to them in 3D. This 3D screen is mounted on all three walls of the theatre which will give you the feeling of being in a real jungle.

Interpratation Center in Rajgir Zoo Safari
Interpratation Center in Rajgir Zoo Safari

Interpratation Center , Rajgir Zoo Safari

You can also visit a museum in Rajgir Zoo Safari. In this museum, you will get to know about all the animals which are found in the Rajgir Zoo Safari. The species of animals, where they are found and their characteristics are mentioned there.

Rajgir Zoo Safari Timings

The opening hours of Rajgir Zoo Safari are from 9 AM to 5 PM. If you want to explore Rajgir Zoo Safari well then you should come here in winter. Because in summer it starts getting very hot here.

Rajgir Zoo Safari Ticket Price and Booking
At present, for Rajgir Zoo Safari you will have to buy tickets offline. Later you will be able to book tickets online as well. Rajgir Zoo Safari has 1000 tickets in total. The ticket counter opening time is 9 am. But all the tickets are sold out till 10 am only. For this, you have to come to the ticket counter at 6 am in the morning.

Safari in Rajgir Zoo Safari
Safari in Rajgir Zoo Safari

With an entry ticket, you will only be able to go inside the complex. Where you will be able to see the beautiful Garden Museum and 180-degree 3D cinema. With a safari ticket, you will be able to go on a safari in which you will get a chance to see open animals by sitting in an AC minibus.

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How to Reach Rajgir Zoo Safari?

  • Nearest Bus Stop: Rajgir Bus Stand is the nearest bus stop to Rajgir Zoo Safari. It is just 3.1 km of distance.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Rajgir Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Rajgir Zoo Safari. It is just 3.9 km of distance.
  • Nearest Airport: Gaya Airport is the nearest airport to Rajgir Zoo Safari. It is just 67 km of distance.


Q. Where is Rajgir Zoo Safari?
Rajgir Zoo Safari is located in Rajgir, Nalanda the district of Bihar.

Q. What is the ticket price for Rajgir Zoo Safari?
The ticket price is 250 rupees for Rajgir Zoo Safari.

Q. Are mobile and cameras allowed in the Rajgir Zoo Safari?
Yes, you can take your mobile and camera to the Rajgir Zoo Safari, and you can shoot photos and videos without permission.

Q. Can I book tickets online?
Yes, you can book tickets for Rajgir Wildlife Zoo Safari right now. The booking button is available in the Ticket section.

Q. What is the customer care number of Rajgir Zoo Safari?
There is no contact number for Rajgir Zoo Safari. But you can send them an email at rajgirzoosafari@gmail.com